GUILD BBS is PHATstar’s World Headquarters.  It is administered by warmfuzzy and anonymous.  It has 1 TB of SSD storage space, is hooked up into Anonymous Archivers File Distro Network, and runs off of a symmetric 1 Gbit fibre optic line (1024 up and 1024 down).  Our tech is first class and is used by The Society members to discuss our projects, doing task management, chatting about The Scene, and generally having a good time with a system that can support all of our internal work and functions.  The system is secured with SSH and runs under Mystic BBS and Ubuntu Linux 64-bit.  We use iCE Colours to make for a beautiful palette of colours in our graphics on this system.  The ANSI graphic to the left was made by Nitron of Mistigris, who can be found on Multi-Relay Chat (MRC) every few days.  The system is running off of a Mini PC with 8 G RAM, Quad-Core @ 1.6 GHz, USB 3.0, HDMI 1080p, and hosted at our mini server farm.


When the GUILD BBS server goes online it will be accessible from via SSH & Telnet.


KANSIT WHQ BBS is a demonstration of he skills of cr1mson of Kansas Information Technology (KANSIT). It gives the users some expectation of what to expect from a fully operational system.

FISHINGNET christian bbs

The Fishingnet BBS is the Scene’s primary go-to board on the topic of Christianity from a non-denominational perspective.  If The Holy Bible says something plainly then that is what we take it to mean.  We come from a perspective of being Biblically correct and not politically correct.

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